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AMA International School admission, registration and placement of students policy takes into account the obligations as defined by the Bahrain Ministry of Education. It sets out the order of priority for the admission of students if there are more requests than places available.

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Education should be accessible and all community members should be able to benefit from high-quality education. AMA International School operates a fair and transparent admissions process, with applicants to the school being accepted without selection based upon academic achievement or potential, ethnicity, religion, gender or any other possible form of discrimination. AMAIS adheres to age appropriate admissions according to the Bahrain Ministry of Education regulations. All required documentation must be received before the child is accepted.

Bahraini children will not be placed on any waiting list and they will be given priority over all other applicants when the school is over-subscribed. Bahraini students are welcomed and encouraged to apply. Additional effort is made to ensure they are fully able to access the curriculum and benefit from the welcoming and, supportive ethos of the school which results from its core values.

Education at AMA International School provides equality of opportunity and balanced outcomes for all students. Children with learning difficulties are properly integrated within the education system with the benefit of support programs and infrastructure that guarantees fair access.

At the admissions stage, children are assessed on their readiness for AMA International School. We expect that a sizeable amount of children will speak English as an additional language (EAL) and the school readiness assessment will identify a child’s English language proficiency, in addition to their disposition to interact with adults, other children and the environment around them.

Admission Requirements

A student seeking admission to a particular class must have passed the final examinations of the lower class immediately preceding the class to which admission is sought. A certificate to this effect obtained from the school last attended is to be submitted along with the duly filled in form of application.

The following documents are to be produced at the time of admission.

  • Application form (all details must be completed)
  • Passport (2 copies)
  • CPR (3 Copies)
  • Photos (4 Passport Size)
  • Birth Certificate ( 4 Copies)
  • Vaccination Records (2 Copies)
  • Report Card (Previous school and grade completed)
  • Letter of Conduct
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Transfer Letter from Ministry of Education, Private Directorate
  • Passing of Entrance Exam


Fees may be subject to changes. Please call or visit us to inquire about the fees and get actual computation.

One-time Fee  (Non Refundable)
Assessment BD 25
Registration BD 125
Tuition Fee
Primary school
Nursery – KG2 BD 1,331.000/ year
BD 443.700 / term
Grade 1-6 BD 1,372.000 / year

BD 457.400 / term


High School
Grade 7 BD 1,830.000/ year
BD 610.000 / term
Grade 8 BD 1,954.000/year
BD 651.400 / term
Grade 9 BD 2,121.000 / year
BD 707.000 / term
Grade 10 & above BD 2,891.000/ year
BD 963.700 / term
Books (Grade 1- 12)

BD 120.000



Activity Fee


60/ Per year

20/ Per term

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